Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsored publishing of the historical book

Taking into consideration long-held traditions of mutual respect between the Georgian and Azerbaijani nations, Black Sea Terminal responded to the announcement of the Khobi-Poti Eparchy and declared its readiness to cover the expenses connected with the addition of the research materials pertaining to the 250 historical surnames and unique maps of historical monuments. This enabled the Center of Clearance Research and Protection of the Khobi-Poti Eparchy to publish the gathering of historical materials under the name – “Pages of the Past” revealing the social political, cultural, religious and socioeconomic happenings of one of the oldest regions of Georgia – Samegrelo.

The book is very interesting for readers of any age. It provides an excellent opportunity to discover amazing facts about castles, churches, natural sights, educational centers, folklore, demography, and the surnames existing within the Khobi Municipality. As the authors of the book resurrect the past, they reminded society that the brightness of the past is never forgotten. 

It is important to mention that the publishers thanked Black Sea Terminal LLC, and the SOCAR Group representative publicly from the pages of the book for funding their project.

Our company wishes the Khobi-Poti Eparchy’s Center of Clearance Research and Protection success!

ერთად დავამარცხოთ კორონა ვირუსი!